Listing of Belimumab on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

If you or anyone with an interest in SLE, including patients living with or impacted by the disease (i.e. family / friends), are interested in making a consumer comment, the PBAC welcomes comments from a personal or group perspective that provide insights and first-hand experiences that will be used to help inform the PBAC decision making when the submission is considered in November.

The PBAC considers a range of different evidence in making a recommendation to list a new drug on the PBS and may benefit from a  patients/colleagues perspectives on the impact of the disease, the need to control disease activity as early as possible to prevent LTOD, importance of reducing steroid doses and the limited approved therapeutic options available for patients who continue to have high disease activity.

The easiest way to submit comments is online:

Alternatively, comments can be emailed directly to the PBAC: