New members are always welcome! Lupus patients, friends, family members, colleagues, supporters, interested community members, doctors, health practitioners, business owners…you don’t have to have lupus yourself to become a member of the Lupus Association of NSW Inc and you don’t have to live in NSW.  We welcome new members from all over Australia and anywhere in the world.

It costs just $35 per year to become a member.

  • Information on current news, fundraising and awareness events, tips on living with lupus, advice from professional practitioners, details of support groups, inspirational stories and more.
  • Access to the Lupus Library which contains a vast array of books, videos, DVDs, CDs and audio tapes. You can borrow from the Lupus Library for a small fee and you can also buy some items for your own library.
  • Up-to-date information on upcoming seminars and meetings throughout metropolitan and country areas.

The membership fees paid to the Lupus Association go towards administration, merchandise, awareness tools (such as banners and flyers) and many other aspects that enable us to offer advice and support to the lupus community.

To enquire about becoming a member, please contact the Lupus Association of NSW Inc on 1800 802 088 (Freecall NSW Country & Interstate) or if you are in Sydney call 02 9878 6055 or email us.

You can opt to receive your Lupus Links Magazine via email to help protect our environment, prevent waste and allow use of funding (usually spent on printing and postage) for other lupus related projects. Let us know if you are interested in receiving your Lupus Links Magazine by email.