General Volunteers

At the Lupus Association of NSW Inc. there are typically two types of volunteers.

  • There are those people who have specific skills like graphic design, legal skills, event management or web site design who then use these skills in projects to enhance that area of our operations; and
  • There are those people who come into the office and pitch in with whatever needs to be done from phone calls to photocopying, data entry or whatever they are comfortable doing.

The Lupus Association welcomes all types of volunteers so if you think you have something to offer which might assist us with providing services to the lupus community, then please contact our office on 02 9878 6055 or 1800 802 088 and have a chat about your skills and interests. If we can put you to use for the benefit of lupus patients – we will!

The Management Committe

One of the most important volunteer roles is being on the Management Committee. The Management Committee decides on the direction and strategies of the Lupus Association and as such the Committee requires a broad range of skills. People from all walks of life are welcome to join the Management Committee and to do so, you must also be a member of the Lupus Association of NSW Inc.

What can I do?

The Lupus Association can tailor your volunteering experience towards your skills, your time commitments and your flexibility. We understand that sometimes life can throw up obstacles and volunteering can get reprioritised sometimes. That said volunteering is a rewarding experience both from the point of view of achieving for yourself and also of contributing to a worthy cause.

At the moment the Lupus Association has volunteers doing event management, counselling, graphic design, public speaking to community groups, website design and office administration. However we always require more enthusiastic and motivated people to help on a number of projects. Some of this work is done in the volunteers’ own time and some of it is done in the office during office hours. There is plenty of flexibility.

Call the Lupus Association on (02) 9878 6055 or 1800 802 088 to discuss your volunteering opportunities.

Are there any initial guidelines?

Volunteers are required to sign a privacy agreement if they are dealing with private information or operationally sensitive information. Other than that it is just a matter of sitting down with a staff member to agree on the duties and timeframes for your volunteering experience.