I’m making a difference and running for a cause that’s close to my heart. I’d appreciate any contribution, big or small.
Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to my charity of choice which is the Lupus Association of NS W.
This is my story: Lupus is one of those “invisible illneses”. Most of the damage caused by this mysterious, chronic illness is internal. Certainly there are external signs at times, however the external damage is only a fraction of what is really going on inside.

As a result, explaining my lupus is not an easy task. I know that if I share all of the symptoms and complications I have, many people could feel I’m exaggerating- especially if it is thrown out there in a disorganized fashion. At times I have felt judged because so many of my problems cannot be seen from the outside.Im sure we have all experienced that at one time or another, but it doesn’t change the reality of what Lupus is and does. The support of others and their acceptance is something we all need.

I can recall several times when I have told people of my condition only to discover that they have never heard of Lupus and those that have heard of it often don’t understand it.
Lupus is not easy to define. There is no clear description of what it is or what it does because it can attack so many different body systems that no two people have the exact lupus. It has many different faces and presents itself in many ways. It continues to evolve and change.

It seems once I get a handle on it, something new pops up. Thanks heaps for reading this and for your support, Belinda

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Let’s come together by asking everyone to raise awareness and funds by holding events for Lupus Association of NSW.
Take a picture and send your donation to infor@lupusnsw.org.au. Or Phone 9878 6055