The Monash Lupus Clinic


The Monash Lupus Clinic at Monash Health was founded in a unique collaboration between the Rheumatology and Nephrology units of Monash Health. It is now Australia’s largest lupus-specific clinic, and has the most extensive serum databank in Australia; with samples dating back to its 2006 foundation. Care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of specialists, aiming to provide the highest possible standards of clinical care in a research-informed environment.

With patients’ consent and approval by local research ethics committees, longitudinal, prospectively-gathered clinical data is collected at the Monash Lupus Clinic, now forming the largest database of clinical information on SLE in Australia. Data is linked to a large biobank of serum, DNA, and other samples, allowing the study of relationships between newly discovered molecules and disease manifestations in SLE.

The Australian Lupus Registry is designed as a colloboration between centres and institutes around Australia to improve treatment and outcomes for people suffering from lupus.