World Lupus Federation Urges Global Community to Make Lupus Visible

May 10 for World Lupus Day 2024

World Lupus Day was established to take place on May 10 by the World Lupus Federation (WLF) to unite lupus groups around the world during Lupus Awareness Month and call attention to the impact that the disease has on the more than 5 million people globally affected by lupus. This year on May 10 for World Lupus Day, the World Lupus Federation is urging the global public, including those living with lupus, their friends and family members to raise awareness and share facts about the disease on social media and in their communities.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation and pain in any part of the body, including the heart, kidney, lungs, blood, joints and skin. With lupus, the immune system, the body system that usually fights infections, attacks healthy tissue. While anyone can develop lupus, 90% of people with the disease are women. It has no known causes or cure, and can be disabling and potentially fatal.

Access to care and medications continue to be a significant challenge for people with lupus around the world. A recent WLF global survey found that 1 in 4 respondents delayed or did not get medical care when needed in the last 12 months, with top reasons including wait times (44%), fatigue (22%), cost (22%). Those that delayed or did not get care also were twice as likely to have multiple flares, a time when lupus symptoms, such as pain and inflammation, worsen.

“It is an extremely important promote World Lupus Day because it is an opportunity to raise awareness of the devastating impact that lupus can have on physical, emotional and economically,” remarked Cr Barbara Ward, CE and Board member, Lupus Australia, and member of the eight-nation WLF steering committee.

In Australia and around the world, lupus isn’t understood, which can lead to delayed diagnosis and for those living with the disease to feel misunderstood and unable to receive the care they need for this debilitating disease. Each voice sharing facts on World Lupus Day can have an incredible impact and bring greater attention and resources to efforts to end lupus.

The World Lupus Federation is encouraging people around the globe to share facts about lupus and raise awareness on May 10 for World Lupus Day using the official toolkit, whether it’s by contacting local media and policymakers or through an individual’s social media channels. The toolkit offers several awareness resources and tools, including social media shareables. People across the globe are also encouraged to wear purple and have buildings lit purple to shine a light on the fight to end lupus.

Find out how to get involved on World Lupus Day at and check out the official toolkit for ways to participate and visit Lupus Association of NSW Inc. – The Quest for a Cure (

About the World Lupus Federation
The World Lupus Federation (WLF) is a coalition of lupus patient organizations, united to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus. Through coordinated efforts among its affiliates, the Federation works to expand global initiatives that create greater awareness and understanding of lupus, provide education and services to people living with the disease and advocate on their behalf.

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On World Lupus Day – May 10, 2024

There are several ways that you can join people from all over the globe raising lupus awareness on World Lupus Day, including:

  • Join the global lupus community to share your lupus story on social media, and post images of our lupus facts along with sample messages located on this toolkit webpage. Use the hashtags #WorldLupusDay and #MakeLupusVisible
  • Wear your favorite purple items, and share photos on social media
  • Make a statement by lighting up a building or significant landmark in your town to be illuminated in the color purple

Understanding the common signs and symptoms of lupus is critical to raising awareness and reducing the time to an accurate diagnosis.

Use the symptoms checklist to help recognize the symptoms and risk factors for lupus.
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Share your story and raise the national profile of lupus by reaching out to your local media outlets with a media letter and a general lupus fact sheet.
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